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Financial Planning

A thoughtful financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to work towards specific financial goals. The breadth of an effective plan should cover key aspects such as saving, budgeting, investing, tax planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and much more.

Financial Planning Services:

  • Discover: Financial planning is all about you, the client. The only way to deliver what you need is to understand what those needs are. We do this through a consultative discovery approach of getting to know you, your goals, and working together to help understand ways we can work as a team.
  • Strategy: After we have a better sense of who you are, and what you wish your financial future to look like, we will work together to create a financial strategy that will help you adress those financial goals.
  • Custom Planning: The same approach and plan is not for everyone – and doesn’t serve the interests of clients either. Our team creates a set of personalized, comprehensive plans for each need to complement your overall financial strategy. The planning process can be intense and time-consuming but it’s vital to helping you work towards the financial goals set for the short, intermediate, and long term.
  • Implementation: After the plan is agreed upon and in place, we’ll walk through the process of putting the financial plan in action. This could mean making investment decisions, choosing the right insurance plan, saving enough to aim to reach your retirement goals, or creating a succession plan to preserve your legacy.
  • Routine reviews and monitoring: We will meet regularly and monitor progress to help you stay on track to work towards each of the goals set out in the plan. Through good communication and frequent reviews, we can make modifications to the strategies and plans as and when needed.

Investment Planning

Our Investment Planning service is based on creating and preserving wealth needs through diversification with a focus to help you pursue your financial goals. Many times it’s vital to be mindful of the long-term, and not let short-term diversions distract you.

Investment Planning Services:

  • Understanding your financial goals: By understanding what your financial goals are, we can help you prioritize some of the most pressing short, medium, and long-term financial objectives you’d like to accomplish.
  • Analyze today: The next step is to analyze where you are today, with your savings and current investment portfolio. Sometimes, this results in steps that can immediately benefit you – like cutting your losses in a sinking investment or leveraging some profit-harvesting and tax-selling opportunities in highly successful ones.
  • Propose an investment strategy: With your personal information and goals, we can draw up personalized investment strategies that will help you pursue your financial goals. This may be accomplished by building upon your existing portfolio or proposing a set of investments that are aligned with your personal financial goals.
  • Implementation: Our Investment Planning approach constantly evolves with your changing world. We guide and advise you on investment plan transitions as you go through life and lifestyle changes.
  • Routine reviews and monitoring: We’ll monitor and review your investments, plans, and strategies as an ongoing partnership. Throughout our relationship with you, we’ll keep you informed, and communicate regularly with you about proposed changes and potential risks or opportunities for your investments.

Insurance Planning

Financial planning helps you identify and plan for all the risks involved in every aspect of your financial life. Thoughtful Insurance Planning helps minimize the risks you can’t foresee or those that you are unable to plan around. Rather than seeing insurance as an “expense”, it’s important to view it as peace of mind to be prepared for the unexpected.

Insurance Planning Services:

  • Comprehensive Review: We will review existing policies and plans to ensure they continue to fit your needs. If you don’t have an insurance plan, we’re here to advise and guide you on which plans make best sense for your family and business.
  • Life Insurance: If you have people that depend upon you being around for many years to come, like your spouse, business partner, minor children, aged parents; we’ll advise on what life insurance policies best meet your needs.
  • Retirement income through annuities: Sometimes, the best way to guarantee retirement income is the simplest – Annuities. Of course, these products vary in terms and pay-out options and conditions.
  • Disability and long-term care protection: Accidents, at home or at work can leave you severely disabled and financially stressed. We’ll help you insure against such unexpected turn of events.
  • Insuring estate and succession plans: When structured correctly, insurance can be a great estate planning tool when it comes to shielding your beneficiaries from paying taxes or fees on their inheritance. Partners in a business may also use insurance policies as a great financial tool to aid in succession planning.

Financial Planning For Business Owners

Prudent financial planning is critical to ensure your business vision comes to fruition and is successful. Detailed financial planning, for the short-term, in the intermediate period, and for the long-term horizon, is vital if a business is to succeed. Business financial planning is a key component for a business to succeed, expand and see success in the long run.

Business Financial Planning Solutions:

  • Start-up financial planning: As you start up your new venture, you’ll need to finance its ongoing operations. Our professionals can help uncover creative capital financing and lending opportunities for you.
  • Business plans: To ensure the ongoing success of your business, you’ll need help putting together a sound business plan – for the short, intermediate, and long term.
  • Contingency planning: Emergencies and unforeseen situations can arise anytime during the life of the business. It is vital to ensure you have the financial safety net to successfully weather the business through such events
  • Taxation: Most jurisdictions offer a number of tax incentives to business owners, so that they might create, expand and continue operating in those jurisdictions. Our team of specialists to help you understand such incentives so you can apply them to minimize your business taxes
  • Asset acquisition: Whether you choose to own an asset outright for your business, or ensure its use through other means, will depend on the financing options available to you. We can help you make buy versus rent, versus lease decisions that are right for you
  • Debt management: Is it best to borrow against business assets? Or should you consider refinancing? Or would it make sense to dispose-off some assets to finance debt? These are everyday decisions that we help business owners make.
  • Business expansion and diversification: When it comes to expanding and diversifying your business, our team can assist when evaluating financial proposals and financing options to fund those initiatives
  • Employee retention: We’ll work with you to help offer attractive compensation and benefits packages to your employees, that will motivate them to consider making a long-term career with you and your company.
  • Succession planning: What happens if something untoward happens to you? What if you wanted to step down, or take a less active role in the business? Is there someone groomed and primed to assume the mantle of leadership and succession?
  • Retirement, Estate and Legacy Planning: When it’s time for you to call it quits, through careful planning, we’ll not only aim to ensure you enjoy a comfortable retirement but that your legacy passes seamlessly to your next generation of successors.